The world of cloud technology

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Cloud technology has, and continues, to shape the transformation of business and customer delivery. How do companies continue optimum service and customer experience and keep their competitive advantage?

One of the biggest trends in technology adoption is the shift from on-premise, high capital equipment (Capex) cost technology to off-premise, consumption-based cloud computing that is purchased as a service (Opex).

In essence, this technology mega-trend allows businesses to achieve flexibility in scale and service delivery with minimum capital expenditure. Deployment time and costs are managed in an efficient manner to improve competitiveness.

Some industries, such as call centres, where overseas labour has previously been a competitive advantage in on-premise operations, now find that consumption-based cloud services offer cost advantages with the added value of local, highly skilled labour.

Service delivery is now the reining corporate mantra for relationship management.  The quality of customer connections is a major source of retention and building business. Cloud-based operations enable people, not overheads, to rise to the business need.

nimbus is a native cloud offering, enabling efficiency of customer service delivery and an optimum enabler of “ramp up” for peak demand needs.

Cloud based operations also eliminate the need to locate call centres in dense city centres. They are bringing forth the ability for business to utilise regionally based talent, previously unavailable.

The ease of access to talent, wherever it is, opens up exciting new ways to build better service delivery platforms. However, these platforms need to be created with a focus on compliance, and with controls in place to guarantee that the ‘Cloud is kept Compliant”.

With nimbus, and migration to the cloud, everyone can enjoy an improved work life balance through a ‘live anywhere, work everywhere’ solution. Management can sleep confidently knowing the right controls are in place to guarantee compliance in this new world of work.


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