Deliver critical services with Business Continuity

Enable centralised data, voice, and communications redirection to activate in the face of planned and unplanned network outages.

nimbus ensures continuity of communication for compliance and security connection.

Smart Risk Management

Leveraging real-time data empowers disruption prediction and automatic correction as a communication insurance policy. Organisations are now in control of their voice and communications services, keeping employees and the community they serve safe and connected through data-rich business decsions.

Maintain Critical Operations

Organisations need to continually maintain critical operations during a disruption. In the context of telecommunication operations, this can include the ability to protect regular lines of communication or to effectively redirect lines in the event of planned and unplanned outages – the heart of compliance-built operations.

Deploy automated Business Continuity

Integrated Business Continuity capabilities help to deploy automated disaster recovery tools through real-time data views and plan building.

Activate redirections during planned and unplanned outages to minimise business disruption, using a simple, self-managed portal. A reliable, real-time solution for keeping services running.

 The tool for creating, implementing, and rolling-back critical call forwarding plans for continuity of communications.

Manage Network Communications

With a comprehensive platform, operations can better manage phone services for bulk call-forwarding scenarios.

Configure the right security protocols and view real-time critical deployments across the operational network.

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.