Be future-ready with a powerful Forecasting engine 

Better predict tomorrow with confidence, reach cost savings, and ensure the operation is running at its peak.

Create Workforce Management compliance

With advanced forecasting capabilities from nimbus, ensure employees cover varied business needs, take breaks, and are paid in line with their employment contract.

Fair & Equitable Shift Distribution

Align to business demand and shift requirements as they happen to provide an accurate foundation for smart scheduling based on volume analytics, as well as staff skills, location, and learning feedback.

– Forecast for various shift and employee needs 

– Leverage historical data for informed scheduling, using business and people smarts to create schedules to meet demand and define operational requirements 

– Advanced forecasts using built-in AI algorithms take the guess work out of optimised and compliant shift scheduling 

Reduce Cost Leakage

The Forecasting module is an important step in lowering costs associated with overstaffing or unnecessary overtime.

– The correct interval parameters can be set prior to forecast generation, or as part of intraday forecasting, and based on the needs of teams, departments, and demand levels 

– Scenario and event forecasting 

– Overstaffing is minimised as AI-generated forecasts better match shift demand to staff, including shift-based requirements and skills 

Optimise Data Usage

Respond to changing work conditions quickly and forecast on the day needs in an instant. 

– Reduce error-prone manual processes and improve operational productivity 

– Administrators can use real-time data to re-schedule on-the-day shifts as variations occur, including attendance, customer demand, change to expected activity, or external implications 

– By correctly forecasting volumes, the strength of customer service delivery is high, and shifts are now better planned for and managed 

– Service experience is elevated, and customer satisfaction is increased as the right employees are available when needed  

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.