Mitigate risk with BRS Action Plans.

Build the right plans to activate in the face of disaster, when time constraints are real and resources need to be on hand to service the community. Seamlessly integrated, and always ready to help organisations stay connected.

Be proactive to ensure seamless connectivity

Business Continuity Plans are a communications insurance policy, ensuring customers are in control of their services, keeping their employees, and the community they serve, safe and connected

Automated Call Forwarding

Customers create their own bulk call forwarding plans that are stored and easily accessed in the nimbus Hub platform. These can be simply deployed in an instant with configuration, deployment, and rollback actions are controlled by customers and don’t require any third-party assistance.

Secure Phoneline Redirection

nimbus user access permission levels can be configured to the individual number level if required. This provides customers with the ultimate level of separation, eliminating the impact of accidental changes occurring to services that do not belong to a particular team or department.

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.