Work with compliance confidence, today and tomorrow.

When it comes to paying employees correctly, there’s no room for error as workplace conditions shift and the need to be regulatory compliance ready is now.

Compliance has become an increasingly critical component of corporate responsibility and requires a proactive approach. Spreadsheet based legacy manual systems and clerk level staff are no longer capable of navigating the complexities and priorities required to meet compliance levels.

nimbus works with clients to reduce operational risk by providing tools to automate and anticipate outcomes at scale.

The buck stops here

Senior managers and Company Directors can take comfort that wage compliance is pre-defined to push better scheduling policies across the organisation.

– nimbus works with clients to reduce operational risk by providing tools to automate and anticipate outcomes at scale.

– EBA agreements are created and set to filter through to the nimbus Schedule Wizard – right people, right place, right time, compliant.

– Full compliance touchpoints throughout the scheduling lifecycle, including employee engagement and communication

– API Integration ensures a single source of truth

– Flexibility in dynamic display of nimbus rich data layer allows for users to define best method for understanding, in real time, the most important asset – your employees.

Compliance built to prepare for tomorrow

Ultimately protect your organisation against any legal risk or challenge with AI-built solutions

– A multi-tiered Compliance Engine is at the heart of the nimbus platform, ensuring that all employee work hours, as per their specific employment agreements and contractual hours, are strategically managed in order to create improved operational efficiency.

– Highlight gaps and get a clear overview of scheduling and costs

– Instant trigger warnings to both stop and advise should a breach occur to ensure a strategic and well-resourced approach is implemented to manage risk for wage theft

– Automated Payroll Integration for correct pay outcomes, seamlessly connected to all leading payroll and HCM systems.

Peace of mind before wage theft happens.

It’s about being proactive in the entire workforce process. Know before any financial and legal error is made.

– With Smart Scheduling, a flexible security model allows for different compliance rulings to be set across the solution, either in a front view (Power User) or lock view (Schedule Administrator) for speed of use

– Schedules can be generated based on lowest cost while still meeting employment rules, for increased bottom line performance and ensuring regulatory, work, and wage compliance

– The nimbus custom dashboards provide observations and outcomes on business activities, schedule compliance, and cost outcomes instantly – providing assurance that any breach, change, or non-compliance can be seen, reviewed, and actioned

Complete customer success

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