Compliance in an evolving and remote business world

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Compliance is a key trend, especially in the shift to remote work. Implementing correct and secure practices to ensure compliance is an integral advantage as the business world continues to evolve.

Compliance has increasingly become a critical component of corporate responsibility. Spreadsheet based, legacy manual systems are no longer capable of navigating the complexities and priorities required to meet stringent compliance requirements  

In a recent op-ed in the Australian Financial Review, is was highlighted that businesses can no longer afford NOT to allocate their best resources, capabilities, and technology support to this critical area of reporting on adherence to compliance.

Australia has one of the world’s most complex industrial awards and regulatory frameworks. The rules around these awards can include hundreds of variables, all intertwined into the complex operation of a business.  Compliance to these awards and the increased focus on Australian federal and state-based reporting is incredibly complex and can easily be overlooked if appropriate systems are not in place to track necessary information.

As Australia has some of the tightest and highly governed workplace obligations, nimbus has been developed to manage these complex and robust requirements. Even when modified, overseas systems can leave Australian businesses at risk of major award breaches and fines for non-compliance.

The nimbus software solution delivers optimum scheduling and controls, to ensure shift management with complete compliance confidence.

Since mid 2018, nimbus Time2Work has been successfully deployed across many diverse operations for Serco UK and Australia. These operations include Justice and Citizen Services, Prison Escort Services, Remand Centers, Immigration Services, and Health Services, providing a world class Time Management and Employee Scheduling solution for over 8,500 Serco personnel.​

Since mid 2018, nimbus Time2Work has been successfully deployed across many diverse operations for Serco UK and Australia. These operations include Justice and Citizen Services, Prison Escort Services, Remand Centers, Immigration Services, and Health Services, providing a world class Time Management and Employee Scheduling solution for over 8,500 Serco personnel.​

nimbus Time2Work has proven to be a trusted and reliable vendor, assisting and working alongside Serco to provide continuing superb public service to our government client and the communities we serve.”​

Rupert Soames OBE – London, January 2020
CEO, Serco Group PLC

The nimbus solution, which operates across an array of industry verticals including justice, border patrol, health, retail, education and telecommunication sectors, gives all clients the opportunity to use it as a complete compliance and audit-based tool, ensuring management will not be exposed to incorrect employee wage payments, either overpayments or underpayments. With nimbus, staff are paid correctly, to the right award and conditions, the first time and every time.


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