A WFM Mobile App to empower staff from anywhere

Connect employees to their working environment, manage teams from anywhere, and engage staff for a skilled and motivated workforce.  

Engage and delight employees

With the nimbus Mobile App, employees have a digital space to feel connected and oversee their work life, while the organisation ensures compliance and increased customer satisfaction.

Streamline Smart Scheduling.

No one wants to use multiple systems to schedule and inform their workforce. Schedule in one place, engage the entire workforce, and be proactive to meet demand.

Accurate Time & Attendance.

Managers can view attendance data in real-time and ensure clocking compliance to reduce organisational risk.

The employee engagement platform.

Employee-generated Availability & Leave Management.

Reduce time spent on back and forth communication and empower employees to take control of their work time.

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.

Simplified and Clear Communication.

Instant communication to employees via push notifications regarding shifts, leave, shift swaps, and workforce changes ensures everyone is always informed, no matter their location

Ensure staff receive the information they need when they need it.

Exceptional Employee Experiences.