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Across the entire spectrum of industry specific requirements – and no matter the location – our Workforce Management solutions help to optimise human movement, team processes, and business performance. nimbus solves the challenges industries face today, with Workforce Management built for tomorrow

The WFO revolution

Look at what the nimbus Workforce Optimisation platform can do for your industry and how we can help you thrive with tomorrow’s technology, today.


nimbus assists Healthcare providers to service patients with safeguarded technology built for a skills-driven workforce – one that is ready for any situation or emergency.

Manage fatigue with AI forecasting and scheduling to better predict required shift levels, empower employees with self-service options via the nimbus Mobile App, and ultimately reduce error-prone administrative tasks.

With nimbus Workforce Management, healthcare providers have all the tools needed to harness the talents of healthcare staff and motivate them to provide quality care, every time.

Innovative & adaptable Workforce Management solutions.

Logistics & Distribution

The nimbus platform improves operational safety for logistics and distribution organisations with scalable Workforce Management solutions. Equipped with integrated fatigue management functionality, scheduled outcomes are compliant for pay, work time, and fatigue regulations.

Adapt to constantly changing conditions and keep employees connected to their working environment with work flexibility options.

Optimally manage a distributed and deskless workforce on time and on budget, consistently meeting and exceeding service targets and customer expectations with our advanced Workforce Management solutions.

Major Events

With variable staffing a key component of event management, it’s vital that the right staff are scheduled to the correct shift, considering the required qualifications and role requirements.

As major events take place, cost reduction happens with proactive scheduling and employee engagement. Automate communication between management and staff with real-time shift updates; and push compliant data directly to your payroll solution.

By leveraging the easy-to-use nimbus platform for optimal Workforce Management, major events organisers have total visibility of operational demand levels and can thrill fans and spectators with always on service delivery.

Motivating every industry to create their optimal working environment.