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Our cloud technologies help companies maximize their human and team resources. Modern workforces are nimble and adapt quickly to business changes. They're often in motion - reassembling in different workgroups and teams as business needs dictate.
Through all this change and flexibility, businesses are more responsible now than ever for ensuring compliance, continuity and accuracy. Speed, flexibility and accountability are all part of the modern workforce, and nimbus solutions help companies stay responsive and help their people achieve success.

Workforce Management Solutions.

Cloud. Compliance. Remote Work. Human Optimisation.

Facilitating a “live anywhere, work everywhere” world and automating business wage compliance, operational efficiencies and employee engagement.

nimbus Time2Work

A true cloud-based Workforce Management software solution that is Australian-built for risk free compliance and management controls.

nimbus Connect

A sophisticated pure cloud software platform for contact centre Workforce Management requirements. Consumption-based pricing with patented controls and compliance capabilities – a superior remote and work from home application.

nimbus Hub

A speciality application to support the telecommunications industry. Provides critical disaster recovery call diversion and SIP Trunk call redirection.

broad industry and people relevance

The nimbus suite of products uses an integrated and configurable approach to create industry specific solutions, for companies globally.

20+ years of innovation

Remote Working World

Australian-built Innovation

Global Applications

true cloud

Cost effective

Consumption-based platform

“Live anywhere, work everywhere”

the future is bright

Human Optimisation Software

WorkForce Management

Compliance & Controls

Patent Protected

nimbus’ comprehensive features and product suite see its applications deployed across an array of industry verticals.
Discover how nimbus revolutionised operations for others, and how it can for you.

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