Enabling quality service for Contact Centres

Leveraging AI automation, give agents real-time feedback for timely and improved performance. Get the benefits from seamlessly integrated interaction recordings to understand service delivery across the contact centre.

Win the customer service game

With meaningful data available in real-time, managers can be confident agents get the feedback they need to optimally support customers, while operations realised a skilled and engaged workforce.

Seamless Softphone Integration

Instant and secure agent connectivity to their working environment.

– nimbus utilises ACD/Softphone functionality to monitor call activity and data collection for forecasting purposes and trigger events 

– Ingest contact centre data to build robust and correct forecasts.  

– Enable real-time monitoring of plans vs schedule to better predict agent adherence  

– Patent-protection work connection means only agents who are scheduled to a shift can service customers 

Monitor Quality and Service

A secure platform to build Service Scorecards to assess calls for quality, compliance, and accuracy.

– Enabling operations to improve the customer and agent experience 

– The smarts to know where attention needs to be given to improve future interactions 

– Integrated into the nimbus Learning Management system so agents can upskill no matter their location 

Implement High Standards with Interaction Recording

Be proactive and see the full picture of contact centre service delivery. 

– Call and Screen recording for insights of interactions, filtered through a customised portal for quick uptake and workflow. 

– Review agent interactions. Adapt as needed 

– Easily view and access interactions via the secure nimbus Dashboard.  

– The nimbus application has an integrated screen recording option that captures screen activity when an agent handles a call. The video recording is merged with the voice call and can be searched and played back via the nimbus dashboard. 

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.