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workplace fatigue management innovation for national rail freight operator

nimbus Time2Work workforce scheduling solution integrates the InterDynamics ‘FAID’ application so this national rail freight organisation can predict and manage potentially deadly worker fatigue.


Improve compliance with legislated requirements to manage fatigue of staff.

Migrate away from reliance on a costly, time consuming and potentially inaccurate manual spreadsheets process of calculate fatigue management scores for future shifts of staff.

Improve the flexibility of staff shift management and provide teams with greater control over their work life balance.

Future proof their approach to shift management by enabling a software based, mobile accessed dashboard for shift management, including enabling managers to see hourly scores.


Automatically update future shifts when an employee works shorter or longer than what they were scheduled with an updated FAID score.

Shift widgets to display hourly FAID scores of employees.

Customise triggers to highlight shifts with FAID scores outside of tolerances (90+ FAID score shifts turn red, 100+ shifts go black).

Access a dashboard to show shifts above a defined FAID score in the next 14 days.


Real time visibility of FAID scores to assist in the fatigue management process.

Improved shift planning capabilities as different scheduling scenarios can be quickly tested with visibility of potential fatigue implications.

Improved compliance with Fatigue management regulations.

Time savings from no longer needing to maintain offline spreadsheets.

Integration of nimbus Time2Work scheduling into the ‘kiosk’ based Sign on/off process for workers, which they can access on their mobile phone app on their phone or at the physical ‘kiosk’.

large regionally-based life insurance organisation

Led by DXC technology and integrated with AWS, nimbus Connect provided a regionally-based life insurance organisation with cloud-first Workforce Optimisation to maximise the utilisation of workforce agents while maintaining the highest quality customer experience.


Existing call centre based on high fixed price model, with poor agent and customer experience

Manual reporting and lack of real time reports or visualised dashboards

Physically hosted legacy solution with over 40 numbers and many complicated call flows and IVR


Amazon Connect with nimbus workforce optimisation

Core system integration; AI speech to text transcription, real time reporting/analytics and metrics

Call quality solution delivering compliance and quality management with calls screened automatically


Real-time personalisation of customer engagements, agent productivity benefits, and cloud-based workforce management

Reduced cost with cloud-based consumption/utility model

100% call quality assurance

robust business continuity and disaster recovery solution

nimbus Hub helps an iconic stadium and events customer to meet its business continuity needs through call forwarding capabilities and significantly improve how it deploys resources, and accounts for its vital assets, particularly for managing large sporting and music events.

nimbus Hub Disaster Recovery

Provide a robust Business Continuity solution for planned/unplanned building evacuations or events for tens of thousands of fans at a time

Enable redirection of existing advertised phone numbers in real-time without the intervention of a service provider

Create and manage unlimited Business Continuity Plans that allow call forward destinations to be stored in advance and activated instantly

Seamlessly integrate with the customer’s Telstra communications backbone.

Provide an innovative feature set for users which would reduce the need for costly and slow methods of phone number call forwarding and other functions

Protect the reputation of the client’s major brands and provide a seamless      experience for its millions of customers


Enables call forwarding destinations to be stored in advance & activated instantly with a simple click

Provides an integrated, web-based portal, ensuring easy & effective ad-hoc call forwarding of individual phone numbers & other functions

Provides complete audit & full logging history of the solution, including when Plans were added, changes or deployed

Allows authorised IT administers for the first time to make changes to the configuration of each Plan and/or Activate the plan in real-time


Enables call forwarding destinations to be stored in advance and activated instantly with a simple mouse click.

Provides an integrated, web-based portal, ensuring easy and effective ad hoc call forwarding of individual phone numbers and other functions.

Provides complete audit and full logging history of the solution, including when Plans were added, changed or deployed.

Allows authorised IT administers for the first time to make changes to the configuration of each Plan and/or Activate the plan in real time.

seamless business continuity during modernisation of communications architecture

nimbus Hub is assisting one of Australia’s longest running and more traditional automotive clubs maintain business continuity and customer connectivity during a strategic migration of its communications platform to IP Telephony.

nimbus Hub Disaster Recovery

Provide business continuity during migration to a cloud-based Microsoft Telephony Solution from an outdated legacy PABX solution.

Support a strategic focus on modernising communications architecture while minimising disruption and cost.

Create a simple, self-controlled solution to complete phone number migration to IP Telephony without losing the calling party’s CLI, consuming local trunk capacity.

Retain as many key contact phone numbers as possible to avoid member and business partner confusion; reputation damage.

Avoid issue of phone number range misalignment, whereby some numbers could not be migrated to the new platform without impacting staff at other locations.


Integrated call forwarding/call management solution from nimbus Hub, in conjunction with the customer’s Session Initiation Protocol and telecommunications partner, Telstra.

Web-based portal enables simple, scalable management of ad hoc call forwarding of individual telephone numbers and other functions.

Enables unprecedented ability to create and manage call forwarding destinations, including storage in advance of forwarding and instant activation.


Migration of all services off the existing number ranges (at the carrier level) to the new platform.

Seamlessly achieves business continuity with minimum disruption to communications.

Retains key telephone numbers for their original users.

Supports partial completion of the migration to a Microsoft Platform without interruption to their existing operation and no disruption to their clients or business partners.