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transformation journeys

Building optimised workforce foundations to support a charitable organisation.

nimbus has assisted Starlight to standardise and simplify the rostering of hospital based team members, enabling the organisation to manage its resources more effectively and spend less time on administration.


A combination of both on-site and remote scheduling requires detailed mapping of Finance Codes (Cost Centres)

Real-time integration to HCM solutions for complete operational oversight

Employee autonomy to take a proactive approach to scheduling and employee management

Training and upskilling to ensure continuous delivery and improvement of workforce processes


nimbus Time2Work is used across the organisation to schedule allteam members who are engaged in Starlight Express Rooms and related hospital activities across Australia

Also used by team members working online and remotely in community

nimbus Time2Work, integrated with Chris21 payroll– Starlight now have a complete system for all touch points in the workforce lifecycle

Employee engagement via the nimbus Employee App – cloud-native & easy-to-use


Optimally schedule 400 team members (paid and volunteers) across 10 hospital sites, administration, and numerous remote locations

Automated employee scheduling and engagement – time given back to higher-value tasks

Enabled more streamlined processes throughout the entire employee lifecycle

Improved employee empowerment and engagement outcomes as management can effectively and instantly communicate important work information.

Optimising compliance and elevating productivity for every team with a secure Workforce Management platform

Cash Converters deployed an Australian-built Workforce Management platform for 750 scheduled staff across 80 corporate stores to align with a technology-based strategic growth plan. Lasting benefits for employees and management and ensures staff data remains in Australia.


Transition from an end-of-life legacy system to a digital Workforce Optimisation platform

Separate systems limited the visibility of data, posing a productivity and compliance risk

Lack of shift clocking functionality

Lack of contextual data/reporting how the business functioned and where costs are associated

Investment towards a technology-centric organisation, using systems to assist in growth


All data hosted in Australian data centres

Top of mind security with Single Sign-on (SSO) access protection

Cross-functional scheduling so that staff are always available to service customers

750 employees connected to work via the nimbus Employee App

Dashboards for management to easily understand operational compliance signals and take action instantly

Man and woman in appliance store

91% of shifts are auto-allocated based on stringent compliance protocols and business requirements

Transformed how overtime is calculated and paid = proactive compliance

Reduction in process and management overhead costs

Seamless payroll integration provides trust to management that work time and compliance data is correct, and reduces the need for any manual intervention or adjustments throughout the payroll pro trust

Continued and consistent review of how the solution is used highlighted the need for a custom report to identify overtime, helping to increase operational wins

Aligning with Cash Converters’ strategic operational plan to grow its store network with the help of intelligent and easy-to-use technology

enhancing business continuity plans for critical emergency services.

Queensland Emergency Services are equipped with supporting one of the largest emergency jurisdictions in Australia. With Telstra BRS, powered by nimbus, the link between support and service staff is now facilitated with the effective use of AI technology, enhancing the end-to-end process delivery of communication.


QES is responsible for the safety and well-being of millions of people across one of the world’s largest and most disaster-vulnerable jurisdictions. As a result, Queensland Ambulance Service alone responds to over 1 million emergency (Triple Zero (000)) calls annually.


Taking a proactive and compliant approach to Business Resumption Services, there is now the capacity to seamlessly divert phone calls to either mobile or other fixed numbers during natural disasters and telecommunications outages.


Being able to provide staff, citizens and other stakeholders with continuity of communication during outages is a key responsibility for our nine sites throughout Queensland. nimbus Hub has given us better visibility of our communications network and reassurance that we can easily divert calls to help keep citizens safe.


reaching new heights in frontline workforce operations.

Supplying best-in-class Workforce Optimisation to more than 1,000 frontline customer service staff at Dubai International Airport; enhanced connection and automation through the nimbus mobile app.


Facilitate digital services and technology adoption for over 1,000 frontline operations staff.

Optimised and automated rostering processes, while ensuring a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Support staff engagement and communication via mobile workforce interactions.


A cloud-first solution, delivering an integrated mobile app to ensure real-time interactions between management and staff.

Ability to manage on-the-day forecast vs requirements across all service lines for each terminal.

Integrated Group Clocking feature to provide insights into operations and a snapshot of shift performance.

Dubai Airport Terminal

Tomorrow’s mobile workforce solution, today – easy-to-use for all staff to interact with their working environment.

Staff timesheets, attendance data, and performance insights now all instantly connected

Project delivered both remotely and on-site, showcasing the flexibility in configuration as well as enabling Serco to adapt on-the-go.

automated and compliant staff coverage to protect public safety management.

With the task to optimally manage COVID-19 quarantine services for the Victorian community, COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria (CQV) looked to solve its staff management activations with smart and secure solutions.

Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services Logo

Sensitive project with real-life affects

Limitations in manual systems meant increased risk of errors

Integration to QR Code and Chris21 system requirements, seamless and intuitive in nature


Rollout of nimbus Time2Work solution, supporting a 24/7 operating model

Solution built with a compliance heart, delivering outcomes to enable confidence in scheduling and decision making

From manual processes to optimised workforce scheduling outcomes, realising efficiency and better staff coverage

Image government worker with mask on

Compliance confidence in scheduling outcomes, vaccination mandates, and right staff safely monitoring the community.

Capture correct time and attendance with integration to CQV QR code clocking model.

Staffing infrastructure now better understood.

igniting improved scheduling capabilities with workforce optimisation & facial recognition solutions.

nimbus Time2Work workforce optimisation solution integrated with NoahFace facial recognition software enables BINGO Industries to better schedule staff and have a complete overview of every layer of their business.

bingo industries logo

Reduce the amount of time that managers spend trying to fill shifts.

Automate highly manual and tedious tasks and processes, with extensive reporting capabilities.

Real-time visibility to exceptions, including missed “punches” and early/late arrivals, which helps avoid payroll errors and costly rework.

Contactless clocking functionality.


Deploying two true-cloud solutions, integrated through open APIs to deliver a simple solution for BINGO and its employees.

Ensuring employees get paid accurately based on their actual worked hours.

Instant and timely notification to staff on changes to their working patterns.

bingo industries waste management - main image

A structured and simple rostering process.

Automated notifications to advise staff of their shifts and access information directly from their mobile.

Facial Recognition and clocking software to reduce time fraud and manual processing errors. Giving control and compliance back to the business.

Reduced manual time and effort from no longer needing to maintain offline spreadsheets.

transforming the contact centre customer and employee experience

nimbus Connect, in partnership with DXC Technology and Amazon Web Services, has transformed agent empowerment possibilities and enabled optimised workforce connectivity for BOC Gas.


Legacy on-premises contact centre solution was outdated and costly to run

Existing solution nearing end of life with limited options to improve customer experience

Integration with enterprise applications like Salesforce and SAP not possible


Amazon Connect with nimbus Connect Workforce Optimisation

DXC Technology’s Adaptive Customer Excellence solution

A modern cloud-based contact centre solution for 250 agents at reduced cost (cloud-based consumption)


Elevated customer and employee experience

Real-time personalisation of customer engagements, agent productivity benefits

Multiple real-time enterprise system integrations for advanced functionality

workplace fatigue management innovation for national rail freight operator

nimbus Time2Work workforce scheduling solution integrates the InterDynamics ‘FAID’ application so this national rail freight organisation can predict and manage potentially deadly worker fatigue.


Improve compliance with legislated requirements to manage fatigue of staff.

Migrate away from reliance on a costly, time consuming and potentially inaccurate manual spreadsheets process of calculate fatigue management scores for future shifts of staff.

Improve the flexibility of staff shift management and provide teams with greater control over their work life balance.

Future proof their approach to shift management by enabling a software based, mobile accessed dashboard for shift management, including enabling managers to see hourly scores.


Automatically update future shifts when an employee works shorter or longer than what they were scheduled with an updated FAID score.

Shift widgets to display hourly FAID scores of employees.

Customise triggers to highlight shifts with FAID scores outside of tolerances (90+ FAID score shifts turn red, 100+ shifts go black).

Access a dashboard to show shifts above a defined FAID score in the next 14 days.


Real time visibility of FAID scores to assist in the fatigue management process.

Improved shift planning capabilities as different scheduling scenarios can be quickly tested with visibility of potential fatigue implications.

Improved compliance with Fatigue management regulations.

Time savings from no longer needing to maintain offline spreadsheets.

Integration of nimbus Time2Work scheduling into the ‘kiosk’ based Sign on/off process for workers, which they can access on their mobile phone app on their phone or at the physical ‘kiosk’.

large regionally-based life insurance organisation

Led by DXC technology and integrated with AWS, nimbus Connect provided a regionally-based life insurance organisation with cloud-first Workforce Optimisation to maximise the utilisation of workforce agents while maintaining the highest quality customer experience.


Existing call centre based on high fixed price model, with poor agent and customer experience

Manual reporting and lack of real time reports or visualised dashboards

Physically hosted legacy solution with over 40 numbers and many complicated call flows and IVR


Amazon Connect with nimbus workforce optimisation

Core system integration; AI speech to text transcription, real time reporting/analytics and metrics

Call quality solution delivering compliance and quality management with calls screened automatically


Real-time personalisation of customer engagements, agent productivity benefits, and cloud-based workforce management

Reduced cost with cloud-based consumption/utility model

100% call quality assurance

lighting the way for optimised workforce connection and business outcomes.

Beacon Lighting has deployed the nimbus Time2Work solution to help achieve significant operational efficiencies in team member scheduling while improving customer service, despite the disruption of COVID-19.

Beacon Lighting Logo

Real-time capture of Time & Attendance with seamless integration to ADP Payroll.

Automate manual tasks to mitigate the risk of data inaccuracies.

A robust Scheduling framework with easy workflows into reporting to monitor and action compliance, avoid payroll errors, and track financials.

Deliver an all-in-one cloud Workforce Management solution to create consistency and buy-in across the organisation.


Now have greater visibility and control over how staff are scheduled, ensuring the best people are working at times when they are needed most.

Applying a more scientific approach to scheduling and managing operating costs.

Improved cross-functional and team unity within Beacon Lighting.

Beacon Lighting Store

A structured and simple rostering process.

Timesavings and alignment of business process for greater financial clarity.

Compliance confidence in Schedule process and outcomes, through Award build, instant notifications, and automation.

efficient staff scheduling framework to ensure safety and security for prison transport services.

Serco Group has extended its deployment of its contract with nimbus Time2Work to provide enhanced scheduling and mobility capabilities for the Prisoner Escort and Custody Services (PECS) contract across the South of England region. The total estimated value of the PECS contract Serco has with the UK Ministry of Justice is approximately £800m over a ten-year term.


Real-time capture of vital scheduling data to understand the operational model at any given time.

An integrated and secure platform which is built to manage business and Time & Attendance (clocking) thresholds to realise an automated and intelligent scheduling framework.

Employee workforce connection via an app to assist in interaction between management and staff, relieving manual communication and enabling a real-time connection to the working environment.


Centralised visibility and control over how staff are scheduled, ensuring the most skilled people are working at times when they are needed most.

Reduction in the need for manual admin tasks, with auto-approval of shifts, and the automation of on-the-day dynamic changes to staffing levels.

Real-time interaction between managers and staff via the nimbus mobile application.

royal courts of justice

Modern technology platform to manage all scheduling interactions, with an in-depth view of the entire workforce operation.

WFM technology means automated processes are implemented, giving time back to higher value tasks for managers, and operational staff.

Project success further strengthens the partnership between Serco and nimbus, providing best-in-class services to clients.

robust business continuity and disaster recovery solution

nimbus Hub helps an iconic stadium and events customer to meet its business continuity needs through call forwarding capabilities and significantly improve how it deploys resources, and accounts for its vital assets, particularly for managing large sporting and music events.

nimbus Hub Disaster Recovery

Provide a robust Business Continuity solution for planned/unplanned building evacuations or events for tens of thousands of fans at a time

Enable redirection of existing advertised phone numbers in real-time without the intervention of a service provider

Create and manage unlimited Business Continuity Plans that allow call forward destinations to be stored in advance and activated instantly

Seamlessly integrate with the customer’s Telstra communications backbone.

Provide an innovative feature set for users which would reduce the need for costly and slow methods of phone number call forwarding and other functions

Protect the reputation of the client’s major brands and provide a seamless      experience for its millions of customers


Enables call forwarding destinations to be stored in advance & activated instantly with a simple click

Provides an integrated, web-based portal, ensuring easy & effective ad-hoc call forwarding of individual phone numbers & other functions

Provides complete audit & full logging history of the solution, including when Plans were added, changes or deployed

Allows authorised IT administers for the first time to make changes to the configuration of each Plan and/or Activate the plan in real-time


Enables call forwarding destinations to be stored in advance and activated instantly with a simple mouse click.

Provides an integrated, web-based portal, ensuring easy and effective ad hoc call forwarding of individual phone numbers and other functions.

Provides complete audit and full logging history of the solution, including when Plans were added, changed or deployed.

Allows authorised IT administers for the first time to make changes to the configuration of each Plan and/or Activate the plan in real time.

seamless business continuity during modernisation of communications architecture

nimbus Hub is assisting one of Australia’s longest running and more traditional automotive clubs maintain business continuity and customer connectivity during a strategic migration of its communications platform to IP Telephony.

nimbus Hub Disaster Recovery

Provide business continuity during migration to a cloud-based Microsoft Telephony Solution from an outdated legacy PABX solution.

Support a strategic focus on modernising communications architecture while minimising disruption and cost.

Create a simple, self-controlled solution to complete phone number migration to IP Telephony without losing the calling party’s CLI, consuming local trunk capacity.

Retain as many key contact phone numbers as possible to avoid member and business partner confusion; reputation damage.

Avoid issue of phone number range misalignment, whereby some numbers could not be migrated to the new platform without impacting staff at other locations.


Integrated call forwarding/call management solution from nimbus Hub, in conjunction with the customer’s Session Initiation Protocol and telecommunications partner, Telstra.

Web-based portal enables simple, scalable management of ad hoc call forwarding of individual telephone numbers and other functions.

Enables unprecedented ability to create and manage call forwarding destinations, including storage in advance of forwarding and instant activation.


Migration of all services off the existing number ranges (at the carrier level) to the new platform.

Seamlessly achieves business continuity with minimum disruption to communications.

Retains key telephone numbers for their original users.

Supports partial completion of the migration to a Microsoft Platform without interruption to their existing operation and no disruption to their clients or business partners.