Staff Scheduling. The Smart Way.

Your staff scheduling software should work for you (and get smarter the longer it does). Enable skills compliance, efficiency, and automation across your teams, departments, and locations with workforce software that scales with your business.

Compliance is today’s most complex business driver.

A skilled workforce boosts customer satisfaction, transforms employee connection, and assists in bottom line success. With the right skilled staff assigned to the right shifts, skills compliance is generated to meet regulatory requirements and empower confidence from management all the way to your employees. 

There is Magic in WFM

The nimbus Schedule Wizard assists in intelligent scheduling to generate rosters to meet labour budgets, with the right skilled staff, at the right time – all automated for productivity gains.

Be ready for tomorrow’s workforce needs today with integrated Smart Scheduling.

A connected workforce, regulatory compliance ready

A layered approach to scheduling, including skills, location, and contract rules/Awards, ensures that smart decisions are implemented throughout the workforce lifecycle – before, during, and after work happens.

Compliance confidence is enabled through data-rich scheduling outcomes, instantly communicated to the right employees for efficiency and productivity.

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.