cloud-based innovation

nimbus - transforming WFM

nimbus is an end-to-end patented cloud WorkForce Optimisation application that secures SoftPhone access, forecasts workload, controls costs and builds employee friendly schedules that adhere to workplace laws and regulations.

nimbus controls agent access to telephony software, providing security and cost management with time and attendance functionality integrated to leading payroll solutions. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, nimbus delivers seamless cloud-based SoftPhone technology to local or off-shore contact centres and remote based agents, for companies globally.



Patented Access Controls of Contact Centre SoftPhone and telephone agents.

Data Aggregation

Data from multiple sources can be harvested for more accurate forecasting of workload

AI Forecasting

Use historical data to better predict staffing levels

Skills-based Scheduling

Ensure an optimised, fair & compliant workforce

Intraday Management

Manage “on the day” changes to meet service level targets

Real-time Intraday

Observe intraday activity with the nimbus connect dashboards and widgets

Call & Screen Recording

Record the audio and video of customer interactions, then search and playback from the user dashboard

Quality Evaluation & Feedback

Continuously improve agent performance

Automated Workflow

Automate actions and ensure the correct processes are in place

AI Reporting

Create your own reports and dashboards to gain a clear view of performance

Costing Models

Managers can see and control the cost of each schedule, with the ability to drill down to department level to ensure budgets are met

Payroll Integration

Eliminate costly manual process with on-time/accurate payroll integration.


Empower agents to deliver a superior customer experience

WFM SoftPhone Control

Engage and manage agents on-demand

Workforce Engagement Mobile App

Improve engagement and empower agents –accessibility for all Roles/Agents


United States Patent

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP), has recently been granted Patent approval from the US patent office, allowing clients to control access to the SoftPhone, via the agent’s nimbus dashboard, thus ensuring tighter controls on the agent access and operating costs.

native app on employee smartphone

A self-service offering that keeps pace with employees’ increasingly mobile lifestyle, ensuring agents stay informed of real-time changes that affect their work schedule:

a) Employees can access on-the-go work information including:

i) Public schedules and shift information
ii) Select and notify management of availability and shift preferences
iii) Submit leave requests and shift swaps

b) Support for mobile clocking, including geo-location

c) Monitor time and attendance

d) Read and send notifications, including real-time push notifications

e) When available, notify employees of the option to go-home-early or work overtime

recording integrated to WFM

Users and managers can search and play recordings directly from their own personalized nimbus dashboard. Calls can be searched by unlimited metadata such as queue, datetime, agent, customer CLI, etc.

enhanced WFM solution

The sophisticated Workforce Management solution controls SoftPhone access and usage based on business requirements and an agent’s schedule, role and skills. Controls enable increased agent productivity, whilst at the same time eliminating time fraud, controlling costs and reducing risk by remaining compliant.

quality management

nimbus provides unlimited performance statistics including real-time Quality Management results for agents, team leaders, and managers.

This includes searching for recordings and attaching them to the assessment. Completed assessments are delivered to each agent’s dashboard for their review and signoff. All results can be displayed as a widget on all dashboards for quick and easy access.