Create a skilled workforce with digital Learning

Inspire internal development to optimise tomorrow’s business performance. Employees want to feel inspired to do their best work.

The engine that moves work forward

Employees want to feel inspired to do their best work. Implement virtual training via one cloud platform so that teams, departments and locations have the tools to grow. 

Recognise. Learn. Transform. 

Highlight knowledge gaps across the business and fill them faster for uplifted customer and employee experience.

– Have process updates? Need to quickly deliver information on business changes? Easy with nimbus eLearning via SCORM delivery – employees can instantly receive notification to complete training modules 

– Ensure changes to operations don’t get missed and standards across teams, departments, and locations are met 

– eLearning modules include questions, video scorecards, images, and surveys to ensure all employees can learn in the way that suits them best 

– Managers receive instant verification via push notifications and custom dashboards once Scorecards are completed – easy to verify pass/fail scores 

Retain Top Talent

Smart talent is the foundation to a successful operation. Enabling learning and development initiatives with nimbus helps to attract, retain, and grow your most vital asset.

– Providing easily accessible digital training means no one will ever miss the opportunity to develop key operational skills 

– Save time and ensure eLearning delivery with automated notifications 

– Automated workflows and scenario building against eLearning ensures skills gaps are filled in a timely manner 

– Employees feel empowered as they build the relevant skills for higher duty shifts once they meet requirements through eLearning

– Build a purpose-led business and attract great people 

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.