Serving the community through a crisis.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been several restrictions placed on businesses, their workforce, and ultimately the movements and tracking of staff to ensure employees remain safe while at work. 

McKinsey & Company, in an ongoing report with perspectives regarding the impact of COVID-19 on businesses globally, stated that for businesses to remain open and thriving, they need to enforce stringent mobility practices to adhere to the changing nature of work and to reduce the spread of the virus 

In order to mitigate risk, businesses need to become “crisis resilient” and safety focused.  

nimbus has the capabilities and product features to ensure our customers can: 

– Adhere to Government restrictions and guidelines  

– Keep their employees safe  

– Notify the work community should a spread occur 

To survive and continue “business as usual”, companies need to implement action plans to prepare for a disaster event.  

The questions businesses should be asking: 

Do we have a plan and course of action should a disaster occur, and the workforce needs to be relocated or work from home? 

How do staff communicate with the business and customers from a remote location, in a safe and compliant manner? 

Is the business operation COVID compliant and COVIDSafe? 

The answers: 

YES: Operational Readiness when disaster hits. nimbus Hub provides telecommunications capabilities with a custom dashboard to enable call forwarding to any device, from any location. With a click of a button using the nimbus Hub action plans, the business can be confident that their staff can stay in contact with their customers. 

YES: Powering Remote Work. The nimbus Patented Access Controls create seamless and controlled connection for staff in their working environment no matter their location, while providing continued workforce compliance and employee engagement to ensure best practice customer service is realised. 

Keeping COVIDSafe.

As per government mandated restrictions, businesses need to have stringent plans in place to remain open.  

nimbus software features can provide ongoing benefits and confidence that the business can continue to perform and serve its customers by activating: 

The nimbus Daily Run Sheet ReportShowwho is working, and at what location. 

COVIDSafe Adherence: Contact Trace Report ensuring records are kept of where staff have worked for a particular period, should an employee test positive to COVID-19. 

The Employee Alert: the nimbus Mobile App can send out instant, real-time alerts, via a push notification, to staff to stay home or work at a different location should one of their colleagues, who they have worked with, test positive for COVID-19.  

COVIDSafe Adherence: Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell. Having a plan to identify and notify of close contact in the event of a positive case attending the workforce.  

Who is Working: The nimbus Mobile App can show who is working with who at any given location. 

COVIDSafe Adherence: Contact Trace Report. The business is equipped with correct, real-time reporting of staff who have worked together. These records can then be used to send notifications to the relevant staff if someone becomes unwell, ensuring contact, and therefore any spread, is ultimately reduced.  

nimbus Associations: By using nimbus, businesses can enforce who needs to work with who, especially in the case of an outbreak or to create team bubbles and the reduction of staff movement. 

COVIDSafe Adherence: Workplace Bubbles. Restricting staff movements between locations, including from home or off site, and avoiding contact should an employee become unwell. 

Offsite Departments: Run a report within the nimbus environment to understand and document how and where staff are working.  

COVIDSafe Adherence: Workplace Bubbles. This is used to separate groups of staff and highlight those who are work from home or on-site.  


Identify. Notify. Act. COVIDSafe.