Workforce Management Time2Work

Built to maximise Human Optimisation.

Compliance heart.

Built to be compliance proof, mobile- first and future ready. nimbus Time2Work has an Award Rules heart to ensure continued understanding of complex workplace regulations to provide customers with the confidence that their Workforce Management system can out-perform what is needed today and put clients in the best position for their changing needs

Transform and scale.

As business, employees, and the world continuously pivot, businesses need a synchronised system which can transform, and scale as needed. nimbus Time2Work has the cloud-first capabilities to help business understand and streamline previously manual tasks.

Human optimised.

nimbus Time2Work provides a dynamic and continuously improving Workforce Management cycle. Customers can build their optimum requirements today, test and implement human and workplace connection through Smart Scheduling and analysis driven by Forecasting and Reporting and use this to see an optimised view of tomorrow’s needs.

Build today, fly now, see tomorrow.

Be future ready.