Maximising the workforce for
true customer success

nimbus Time2Work – the compliance driven, human optimisation solution

Built to be compliance proof, mobile and future ready. nimbus Time2Work provides customers with the confidence that their Workforce Management solution can out perform what is needed today and put clients in the best position for tomorrow.

As employees, businesses, and the world almost continuously pivot, businesses need a synchronised system which can transform, and scale as needed. nimbus Time2Work is the only solution you need today and a future-proofed solution for the changing needs of tomorrow.

nimbus Time2Work provides a dynamic WorkForce Management cycle. Clients can build their optimum requirements today, test how to implement and fly across Scheduling, Intra-day Forecasting and Reporting, and then use this to see an optimised view of tomorrow’s needs.

Build Today – Fly Now – See Tomorrow



Personalised user dashboard for instant visibility of data


Easy to use

Accessible from any device

Key operational and performance metrics

Customised views and data outputs

Smart Scheduling

Simplifies scheduling with the intuitive Schedule Wizard

Dynamic management of real-time staffing requirements

Improves efficiency

Increases accuracy

Supports intraday changes to maintain productivity

Supports staff availability and preferences, and manages labour costs through the generation of optimised schedules.

Employee App

For your mobile workforce


Easy access from iOS and Android devices

Workflow auto-approvals / rejections and auto-assignment for line management approvals

Real time notifications

AI Workload Forecasting

Complex forecasting, simplified

Utilise historical POS data, foot fall data, traffic analysis data

Understand future demand on resources based on history, seasonality and upcoming events.

Meet demand and exceed customer expectations


Transform business analytics into actionable strategies

Real time reporting on demand

Schedule and generate reports to be sent to your inbox for review

Helps improve and manage your business

Tailored Training

Deliver employee training for the desktop and mobile applications

Native support of SCORM files

Determine learning outcomes through online assessment and testing

Time & Attendance

Integrates to your Time Clock system.

Use  of nimbus kiosks, tablets, and mobiles

Payroll Integration

Integrates to major payroll systems

Eliminates payroll data entry errors

Intelligent automated approval process based on threshholds