Underpin compliance with accurate Time & Attendance

Empower accurate and instant shift time tracking to work more efficiently and securely.

Shift compliance enables productivity efficiencies and data integrity

It’s important to have correct staff coverage across all workforce shifts meeting business and industry mandates. When non-attendance occurs, nimbus provides the Time & Attendance tools needed to act quickly and compliantly to fill vacancies that affect organisational performance.  

Generate Operational Efficiency

Make your onsite processes lean with automated and integrated Time & Attendance tools.

Dashboards for real-time visibility of the entire operation, from no shows to late clocking, overtime, and location insights – know shift attendance in real-time, from anywhere. 

– Custom clocking configuration based on organisational rules and needs

– Capable of capturing all data related to the time and attendance lifecycle

– Use reporting to track schedule budgets, actual cost of timesheets, and other employee variables

– Maintain accurate employee time records to improve productivity and business performance

Automate Routine Tasks

Remove error-causing manual processes, deploy instant communication, enable compliance.

– Implement biometric clocking, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, or a mixture of clocking devices to improve how time and attendance data is gathered

– Seamlessly integrate to HCM or payroll systems for an end-to-end workforce management experience

– Use the powerful rules engine to automatically approve or reject timesheets and understand inaccuracies before payroll processing occurs

– The system works in tandem with clocking data and automatically assigns business and attendance policies against captured time

– Instant notifications to employees and managers should work happen outside schedule or contract hours

Save Costs & Reduce Time Fraud

Interact with all business systems to deliver service-critical Workforce Management clocking capabilities.

– Reduce uncertainty and time fraud with pre-defined business rules, tolerances, and auto-approved actions – ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance.

– Know where and when the workforce is calculating costs by assigning data to Cost Centres, then apply a strategic approach to budgeting and business performance

– Compare scheduled hours with actual hours worked and continue to identify shift trends

– Identify employees who are approaching overtime to help control unexpected labour costs and impact to timesheets

– Enforce system-wide compliance actions to avoid risk


Complete customer success

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