A better tomorrow is here with data-driven Reporting & Insights 

Get the real-time data you need to foster better decisions that affect organisational risk and bottom line.

Get an unrivalled amount of visibility into scheduling, attendance, and costing outcomes across the entire enterprise, delivered instantly to when and where it’s needed. 

Real-time Reporting and actionable Insights

No longer are business insights siloed or context poor. With nimbus, reporting is comprehensive, accurate, and all in one place – providing the right information to inform future processes and outcomes.

– One place. One source of truth for timely decision making  

– Build trust across the entire operation and support all business areas  

– A suite of built-in reports which make sense to how and where work gets done

– A comprehensive, digital reporting engine allows for real-time reporting on demand and can be customised to meet varying client needs

Shape organisational compliance 

Vital information is ready anytime it’s needed to ensure metrics are visible, and financial and regulatory risk is mitigated.

– Customisable dashboards mean the most critical reporting data is delivered in a snapshot view – quick to find and accessible to the right people 

– Easy to understand performance metrics provide measurable success outcomes and remove uncertainty, giving peace of mind to managers and key stakeholders  

– Set up trigger notifications to key decision-makers to trust that the operation is always performing at its peak 

– The nimbus Dashboards help to make sense of complex data with interactive analytics, graphics, and integrated 3rd part data metrics – the perfect accessory for real-time operational knowledge  

Save Time & Automate Data Delivery 

A business intelligence tool to gain new clarity into operations with comprehensive reporting for every enterprise function, automated to service every team.

– Observe performance and operational data, compare against pre-defined requirements, and action where needed 

– Know where the enterprise is spending money and integrate strategies to reduce labour costs with cost centre and shift-based reporting 

– Ensure data integrity and remove siloed operations. Know how every employee is performing against defined  

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.