Flexible Phone Manager operations.

Get the benefits of real-time phone audit, activations and communications changes for critical network operations with the nimbus Hub Phone Manager feature.

Assisting automated Business Continuity

The Phone Manager module is the heart of the nimbus Hub Business Resumption Service platform, helping to enable automated business continuity through real-time data views and plan building.

Data Auditability

Customers can use nimbus to audit network features on their existing services and provide benefits back to your business with the ability to identify which extensions are inactive and turn these off to reduce costs.

Automated Call-Forwarding

Via a cloud-first platform, easily ensure someone is available to take vital calls. Revert back once your site is activated.

CLI Status

Complete visibility of calling lines, view the status of all calling line blocks and activate where needed.

Last Call Date

Determine which services are being used with the visibility of the last successful outbound or inbound call. Ensures only the vital services required are in use to reduce unnecessary costs.

Liberate Number

Know which numbers are linked to specific users, useful during audit and review scenarios and ensures compliance to Business Continuity regulations. 

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.