Contact Centres of the future.

Enhance contact centre outcomes with a human centric Workforce Optimisation solution.

Connecting the right agents, at the right time, to customers and helping organisations deliver optimal customer service through an easy-to-use, secure, and patent protected platform.

Contact centre workforce management software to transform tomorrow.

Empower the next wave of best-in-class customer service. Connect agents with the latest in call centre WFM innovation.

Remote work enabled

In a “live anywhere, work everywhere” world, create efficiency and optimal customer service through right agent, right place, right time possibilities. Need softphone workforce management solutions? With seamless integration into the world’s top Softphone/ACD systems, our specialised contact centre software provides the optimal remote working experience for agents anywhere in the world.

Consumption-based pricing

Control costs and ensure bottom line visibility. Only pay for the minutes your contact centre agents use.

Patent protected

Patented Access Controls (PAC) deliver system controls to empower agents while guaranteeing regulatory compliance. With a worldwide patent to protect against uncontrolled platform access, only agents who are qualified and scheduled to work can access the softphone and take calls – the ultimate compliance-proof work from home software solution.

Agent Mobile App

A call centre agent WFM app keeps pace with your employees’ increasingly mobile lifestyle, ensuring agents stay informed of real-time changes that affect their work schedule. From work availability, to shift swaps, and leave applications – agents have access to the tools needed to be connected to work.

Quality Management

Empower agents and managers through real-time feedback, deliver timely and improved performance for tomorrow’s customer service possibilities. Our innovative call centre software is packed with impressive features encompassing call and screen recording, enabling you to gain valuable insights into agent performance and enhance the overall customer experience delivery.


Contact centre agents want to feel empowered to do their best work. SCORM and eLearning Workforce Management delivery provides managers and agents with the capabilities to create and complete tasks to build skills.


With an Open API toolkit, nimbus Connect integrates with future-proofed technology of tomorrow.

Complete customer success

See how nimbus has helped enterprise organisations transform their workforce outcomes for a better tomorrow.

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