The Human Optimisation Loop

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In the new world of technology first businesses and industry, it is critical for human performance to be optimised. How can companies remain smart, streamlined and secure to ensure continued performance and ultimate success?

Optimising human performance has always been the ultimate business challenge. The old adage that every worker is potentially equal to the equivalent of two if they are motivated and managed in the right way, is the goal of most smart companies.

In today’s tumultuous world, management’s focus cannot be looked at in a singular manner. The murmurphing way we all move and communicate and work today, it’s like nature has proposed a new dynamic – to optimize people performance. Add the impact of technology to this management challenge and we move from a world where everyone is in an office being managed, executing tasks, to a new world where we are sometimes in an office as part of a team, and sometimes not. We are all now required to elevate the contributions we make, no matter where were are working from.

The nimbus software solution ensures we all remember that humans are creatures of habit. We need form and systems in place to help us know where, and how, to work to the best of our ability. Nimbus provides a system that employees and management know and can trust. A manager cannot be flexible optimising his or her talent if they cannot trust their systems and workforce management (WFM) tools. Employees are less motivated if they cannot rely on the accuracy of their remuneration and their fair treatment.

In addition to providing the foundation for optimal human performance, nimbus is working on new and relevant initiatives for employees and employers. Lifelong training built into employee engagement, emotional monitoring to support employee stability and client engagement, and measurement of customer experience delivery via facial analysis are a few of our roadmap projects with clients.

Through visionary development, nimbus believes that the industry churn rate of 40% in contact centres can be reduced significantly. Shifting talent to enable them to be effective resolution managers – not just call centre operators – is a major part of change that will provide optimised solutions to the challenging CX goals needed to deliver business solutions in a technology based business world.


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