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about nimbus

nimbus has built three areas of technology designed to help businesses operate with improved efficiency, compliance and workforce flexibility.

our story

Our journey began 20 years’ ago, building and deploying an on-premise WFM solution, which powered many Fortune 500, FTSE 100, and ASX listed companies.

We sold the operating business to a major integrator in 2013 as we saw the industry migrating towards true mobility, cloud-based systems.

With a vision to lead and look to the future, we have leverage the increased relevance and adoption of cloud with sophisticated, value added, and scalable Workforce Optimisation solutions built around four key customer success pillars: Cloud – Compliance – Remote Work – Human Optimisation.


Our three core pure-cloud solutions are built on a single data set to achieve the business results that shareholders are demanding, while balancing the needs of individual employees. Our unique, patent protected solutions are ready for the needs of today, and the opportunities of tomorrow.

nimbus Time2Work provides a best-in-class compliance and Workforce Optimisation solution for customer facing and mobile employees in a number of industry verticals including; Health (Public and Private); Education (Universities and Higher Education institutions); Justice (Prisons, Detention Centres, Prison Escort Services, Courts); Border Control (Civilian and Military Airports), including air traffic control towers; Retail; Hospitality; and UK, Australian, and US Government contracts.

nimbus Connect provides a human optimization platform for WFM contact centre and back office employees for the Government and Financial Services sectors. Facilitating cloud connectivity with unique US Patented Access Controls (PAC controls), ensuring clients’ legal and corporate compliance, employee engagement, and best practice customer service.

nimbus Hub assists the world’s leading Telecommunications companies manage their VOIP telephony infrastructure for customers, facilitating an automated mission critical Disaster Recovery Management plan for unforeseen events (Covid19) and/or commercial restructure.

nimbus is a trusted vendor to both mid-tier operations and large enterprise. Our core focus is to provide customer configured and highly scalable solutions to ensure our proven patent process enables businesses to be confident they have the best security, compliance and employee management system available.


nimbus is proud to work with global technology integrators. Discover how nimbus Workforce Optimisation solutions have been applied across multiple industries below.